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      1. 每天至少15~20分鐘高聲朗讀喜歡的、適合自身的短文或片段。求質不求量,每天一篇就夠。要在朗讀中擴大詞匯量,增強語感,積累知識點。

      2. 掌握“完形填空”的解題技巧,走好以下四步。

      第一步:快速閱讀所給短文或片段, 理解其大意。





      There was once a shepherd who had a daughter whose great beauty1a lot of young men from all over the country.

      One day, the shepherd asked his daughter, “Dear, what kind of2do you want to be your husband?”

      The daughter said, “My future husband can be poor3also a wealthy man.”

      “How could that be? Poor and rich are two4things!” said her father.

      “Dear father, a poor person also has his wealth,” said the daughter. The shepherd then announced that his daughter was ready for5 .

      Therefore, there were many men6outside the shepherd is home. A few7gentlemen came forward followed by their servants and camels8gifts. “We are rich men. We have jewelry, silk, fur and red carpets. Please9one of us.” The shepherd is daughter just10 .

      One11one young men came forward but they were turned12by her. The shepherd began to worry.

      Suddenly, a plainly dressed young man appeared.

      The shepherd asked, “Young man, you look so poor. What can you13my daughter?”

      “My wealth is always with me and it is my14 ,” the young man said. “I am a good tailor. I am also a good15 . I can make tables and chairs within an hour.”

      The lady smiled. The young man continued, “I can cook too. I can cook16meals. I do not have17servants or jewelry. But with my pair of hands, I18have a whole life of wealth!”

      “That  is great!” shouted the shepherd is daughter19 . “You are wealthier than any of them because you have a pair of precious hands. You are my20of an ideal husband!”

      1. A. drew B. pulled  C. attracted D. absorbed

      2. A. men B. man C. a man D. the man

      3. A. but B. and C. so D. or

      4. A. same B. similar  C. opposite D. different

      5. A. work B. job C. project D. marriage

      6. A. seating B. seated C. gathered D. gathering

      7. A. old B. well dressed C. ragged D. poorly dressed

      8.A. carried B. carry C. carrying D. having carried

      9. A. have B. elect C. choose D. make

      10. A. smiled B. laughed  C. cried D. glared

      11. A. by B. after  C. to D. past

      12. A. out B. in C. up D. down

      13. A. help B. offer  C. supply D. provide

      14. A. heart B. hands  C. feet D. food

      15. A. carpenter B. worker C. employee D. artist

      16. A. smelly B. dull  C. terrible D. delicious

      17. A. many B. any  C. much D. some

      18. A. did B. would  C. could D. do

      19. A. excitedly B. obviously C. bitterly D. badly

      20. A. plan B. future  C. idea D. advice




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          武漢龍門尚學是上市公司龍門教育(股票代碼:838830)旗下中小學校外教育高端品牌,專注中小學個性化教學。課程服務包含精品一對一、精品班組課、中高考全托沖刺。堅持能力至上的教學理念,按照龍門3A高效學習系統,致力于幫助學生改善學習方法,培養學習習慣,以學習能力提升促進考試成績提高。 龍門尚學采用名師合伙人機制搭建名師聯盟,并推出尚學云課搭建O2O混合式學習平臺,實現優質教育資源、名師課程共享。目前在武漢地區有13個校區,分別為江夏校區、光谷校區、水果湖校區、取水樓校區、徐東校區、胭脂路校區、南湖校區、青山校區、吳家山校區、永清校區、崇仁路校區、鐘家村校區、中南校區,基本覆蓋武漢主要區域。


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